Otto's Chicken
5622 N. Whitneyville Rd.
Middleville, MI 49333
(269) 795-7696

Otto's Chickens

Otto's Chicken in Middleville, Michigan, provides farm-fresh, antibiotic and hormone-free chicken to Michiganders looking for quality meat. If you're wanting fresh, quality chicken, come to Otto's locations at the farm store in Middleville, the Farmers Markets at Kalamazoo, Royal Oak and Lansing City Market. You are sure to love the taste of this locally raised chicken that has had access to fresh, natural food and clean water as well as plenty of space for roaming around. Exercise and diet are very important in the health of the chicken, and healthy chicken is tasty chicken! With years of experience, top notch management and a passion for poultry, we strive to provide quality chicken products that you are sure to enjoy. Come to Otto's Chicken and choose from a selection of cuts and products to find just what you're looking for. Taste the difference - it's the natural choice!
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